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Hi, I'm Hassan... a 22 year old entrepreneur. When i was 15 years old, I realized I was going to the mall too much. Why? 

I loved seeing brands... how they do things... why they do things... etc. I had an obvious interest in retail and just the idea of branding. I started doing some research online trying to understand how these brands get product made, made at good prices, and how they sell them to the consumer market. 

At just 15, I found my first "trend", bought stock for the product and sold it to people at school. I made my first $900 this way and it felt amazing. I realized that being in retail was for me. I was so excited because I felt like I found my career and that was it. 

Fast forward 5 years later, Modernist Décor was born... 

"Modernist" is referred to "Modernism". It is the single most important new style or philosophy of architecture and design of the 20th century, associated with an analytical approach to the function of buildings, a strictly rational use of (often new) materials, an openness to structural innovation and the elimination of ornament. Art has been expressed in different forms throughout centuries that have passed. Today, we live in a modern society and for that reason it is our duty as a home decor company to introduce a modern way of crafting art.

I saw a hole in the retail market which was offering a new way of décor to the market in a theme of personalization. Consumers like to personalize things... it brings a higher perceived value and passion in your eyes. It creates that 'wow factor' that many products simply don't bring. 

I started this company with a specific WHY. 

What's my WHY? My 'WHY' is to bring art to families around the world that has meaning. I wanted to do something unique that families will feel a deep love for and so I have tested the attention of people around the globe on engraved metal art and my results have spoken for itself. 

We laser engrave custom designs & images onto materials such as metal, wood, & more. All unique designs crafted by my team of designers. Made & shipped from the United States. 🇺🇸 

By creating digitally-designed laser engraved art, we can reach families and people all over the world in ways that have not been done before. 

We are the Leader in Metal Art Décor.